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Language Corner...

How to register your class

Step 1: First register as a teacher on the website

You will need to enter a valid email account to complete the registration. Your registration is only complete after you have activated a link we will send you via email soon after you complete the registration form

Step 2: Students below the age of 18 will require consent from their parents 

Step 3:  and capture your learners details (they will need these details for their registration).

Step 4:  together with your preferred

Step 5: Ask your students to register on mGenAfrica using their email addresses as usernames and the password for your school.

We will send you via email your classroom password and a slot for your chat session

Step 6:   before your session and plan

Prepare for the class. We recommend your have at least one session with your class before your scheduled chat session.

Step 7: Hold your first session: explore the site, write down questions for the researchers 

Step 8: Hold your second session -  

Step 9: Do not forget to complete the and to remind your learners to do the same.