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Career Spotlight...


Nick Name
R/ Mhy-Lanie

What is your current job and where do you work?
R/ I'm a physician-scientist by training. Professionally, I am the Chief Medical Officer of Predictiv Care, a biotechnology company dedicated in bringing genetic information in clinical practice. As such, we are aiming to educate individuals and their care team about their genetic data.

Explain your current research/work (in simple English)
R/ We believe in precision medicine, the right diagnosis, right treatment and right drug for all. Genetic data is the blueprint of human health and it is valuable to bring this information to guide the clinical practice and ones lifestyle choices.

Describe a typical day at work/research
R/ I review people's genetic results and look at the diseases that they are at risk for.


What is your favourite hobby?
R/ Traveling and going on adventures. Growing plants and herbs. Healthy eating and healthy living.

What is your favourite food?
R/ tropical fruit, fish/seafood and salads

What was your favourite subject at school and why?
R/ Science and biology.

Who is your role model?
R/ My mom

What were/are your parents or caregivers professions?
R/ Mother - teacher Father - business man

Career Path

Primary School: Name, Suburb/Township, City, Country
R/ St. John Elementary School, Philippines

High School
R/ Cabrillo High School, Long Beach, California, USA

Tertiary education
R/ University of California Berkeley, California, USA

Previous jobs
R/ Post-doc researcher

How confident are you in your public engagement skills (2-way communication with the general public)
R/ Very confident

How often do you take part in public engagement activities
R/ Often (3 times or less per year)

What attracted you to signing up on mGenAfrica (tick all that apply)
R/ Online communications
Time (at least one hour per year)