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Career Spotlight...


Nick Name
R/ Manahil

What is your current job and where do you work?
R/ Medical labrotary technologest

Explain your current research/work (in simple English)
R/ I am interested in this since and i need to improve my self in bioinformatics

Describe a typical day at work/research
R/ I am not doing research yet


What is your favourite hobby?
R/ Reading

What is your favourite food?
R/ I prefer eating fish

What was your favourite subject at school and why?
R/ Immunology

Who is your role model?
R/ Labrotary technologest

What were/are your parents or caregivers professions?
R/ Recently have not any job.. but my father is police man in last time

Career Path

Primary School: Name, Suburb/Township, City, Country
R/ Altrace primary school;omdorman;Al_khartom;Sudan

High School
R/ Altrace scondry school

Tertiary education
R/ Sudan universty of since and technology fuclty of medical labrotary

Previous jobs
R/ Just one job Labrotary technologest

How confident are you in your public engagement skills (2-way communication with the general public)
R/ Not confident

How often do you take part in public engagement activities
R/ Never participated

What attracted you to signing up on mGenAfrica (tick all that apply)
R/ Other