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Career Spotlight...


Nick Name
R/ Lebo

What is your current job and where do you work?
R/ I am a PhD (Genetic Counselling) student at the Division of Human Genetics, University of Cape Town. Time to time I assist with Genetic Counselling provided at Groote Schuur and Red Cross Hospitals.

Explain your current research/work (in simple English)
R/ My research is in prenatal genetic counselling with a focus on serious congenital abnormalities/birth defects that are seen on ultrasound during pregnancy. The outcome of these is usually poor and can result in death or severe disability. I am looking into the views of the parents and health care workers on their views on the topic. The importance of this is to understand the experiences and find ways to improve the care for the rest of the pregnancy and to tailor genetic counselling to the patient needs.

Describe a typical day at work/research
R/ Research - Recruiting participants and collecting data through interviews -Analyzing data and writing articles Clinic -Counselling of patients - Patient admin such as notes etc.


What is your favourite hobby?
R/ Watching movies at the cinema and hiking

What is your favourite food?
R/ Oxtail and dumpling (the way my grandmother makes it)

What was your favourite subject at school and why?
R/ Biology! We had an awesome teacher and I just found it very interesting

Who is your role model?
R/ My Grandmother

What were/are your parents or caregivers professions?
R/ Eskom

Career Path

Primary School: Name, Suburb/Township, City, Country
R/ Monument Primary, Krugersdorp, Mogale City, South Africa

High School
R/ St Ursula's School, Krugersdorp

Tertiary education
R/ BSc Medical Sciences, University of Limpopo MSc (Med) Genetic Counselling, University of Cape Town

Previous jobs
R/ Intern Genetic Counselor-University of Cape Town

How confident are you in your public engagement skills (2-way communication with the general public)
R/ Confident

How often do you take part in public engagement activities
R/ Very often (> 3 times a year)

What attracted you to signing up on mGenAfrica (tick all that apply)
R/ Online communications