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Medical Scientist at National Institute for Communicable Diseases

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Nick Name

R/ Vee


What is your current job and where do you work?

R/ I am currently working as a Training Coordinator at University of Cape Town, for H3ABioNet, which is a Pan African Bioinformatics Network


Explain your current research/work (in simple English)

R/ I work for the Training and Education Team and we deliver bioinformatics training to institutions across Africa to help strengthen capacity within Africa in the bioinformatics field. I am also a PhD student at the University of the Western Cape where I work on the population biology and taxonomy of jellyfish.


Describe a typical day at work/research

R/ A typical day for me is planning and coordinating training activities such as our flagship Introduction to Bioinformatics training course (IBT). I also assist with many marketing and outreach activities within the life sciences or bioinformatics field such as this mgen website and various other training courses and workshops.




What is your favourite hobby?

R/ Spearfishing


What is your favourite food?

R/ Pizza or biltong


What was your favourite subject at school and why?

R/ Biology and Geography. I always knew I would want to do science.


Who is your role model?

R/ David Attenborough


What were/are your parents or caregivers professions?

R/ My father is a car salesman and my mother is a credit controller.


Career Path


Primary School: Name, Suburb/Township, City, Country

R/ I went to two different primary schools: Matroosfontein Primary, and Valhalla Primary, both close to/within Elsies River in Cape Town, South Africa.


High School

R/ J.G. Meiring High School, Goodwood, Cape Town, South Africa


Tertiary education

R/ BSc, BSc(honours), MSc and PhD - The University of the Western Cape, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa.


Previous jobs

R/ Some of my previous jobs included being a: Course Coordinator; Life Sciences Lecturer; National Research Foundation Intern at Iziko Museums and Laboratory technician.

How confident are you in your public engagement skills (2-way communication with the general public)

R/ Confident

How often do you take part in public engagement activities

R/ Very often (> 3 times a year)

What attracted you to signing up on mGenAfrica (tick all that apply)

R/ Other