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Career Spotlight...

PhD in Microbiology

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A. Current position

Tell us your current position/s and the Institute and country you are based in.
R/ I am an assistant researcher at the University of Venda

Explain to us your current research/work Link to a recent publication of yours?
R/ My work involves researching how a person's genetics and their nutrition affects their survival rates in cancer

Writing about your typical day gives students a sense of what working as a scientist is like.
R/ My typical day involves attending a seminar, marking tutorials and running experiments in the laboratory

B.Personal Info

Where did you grow up?
R/ I grew up in the Eastern Cape in Butterworth

Who is your role model
R/ tata Nelson Mandela

Do you have any pets/ hobbies?
R/ I like cooking and inviting friends over for a meal

Tell us a joke.
R/ Teacher asks "If you have 3 soomas and a friend asks for one how many samoosas do you have left?" Me: 3.

C. Education

R/ Bridge Primary School, Butterworth, Eastern Cape

R/ BSc (Biochemistry), BSc (Med) Honours (Human Genetics), MSc (Biochemistry), PhD (Public Health

If you could tell your younger self (in high school) one thing, what would it be and why?
R/ Drop your friend who doesn't like school, you might not repeat Matric if you hang around friends who are focused